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Welcome to my web page!  My name is Barney Fourie.  I was born in 1963 in Vereeniging South Africa.  I have been married to Maria since 1986 and we had one child Henry who was born in 1988.  Sadely Henry passed away in January 2011 just after being selected to join the Air Force.  Unbeknown to us he suffered from "Addisons Disease".  Maria and I are both lisenced ham radio operators.  Our call signs are ZS6TQ and ZS4YL.  My late son was ZR4U and my late father was ZS4W.

My interest in ham radio started one evening in 1977 when I was tuning around on the portable Short Wave receiver my parents used to listen to when I was a small boy.  I came across a Morse Code transmission from a ship.  This sounded like a secret language to me that I would like to decode.  The very next day I went to the library and got a book on the Morse Code and I became hooked!  I learned about ham radio and found myself an elmer with the call ZS6AQZ who further introduced me into the ham radio community.  Here in South Africa you had to be 16 years and older to have a ham operator's lisence so I had to wait and only in  1979 could I write the exam.  It was only in 1980 that I got my first call sign ZR6FJ as a restricted lisencee.  I had to go to the Army in 1981 and was selected for pilot training in the military (have a look on the Aviation page for details) and could only give attention to Ham Radio after I got married in 1986.  My first unrestricted call was ZS6ALD.  Subsequent calls after that were ZS1ACZ, ZS6AQZ, ZS4AQZ, ZS4U and now ZS6TQ. I have relocated to Hoedspruit in March 2010. 

I have many interests which includes Aviation, Astronomy, Photography, Radio Controlled Flying, Computers, Body Building and electronic gadgets!  Feel free to browse my web site and you are welcome to mail me if you want to leave any comments!


Phone : +2783 462 7507  Fax : +2786 647 1162
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